Photo by Thomas Hadland

Photo by Thomas Hadland



I'm Eryn With a Why.

I am a designer, illustrator, copywriter and marketing professional currently based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

I use the name Eryn With a Why for a few reasons. For me, successful communication starts with asking the most basic questions, challenging assumptions and learning. Research is fundamental to my practice and asking "Why?" is a great place to start. This means understanding the industry and audience that I am designing for and creating work that is authentic and exciting to that culture.

I am passionate about research-driven, universal design practice that empowers all users and creates rich, diverse and effective design solutions. This means using relevant modes, technologies and aesthetics and constantly adapting to the evolving needs, preferences and expectations of audiences and stakeholders. My strengths lie in asking the right questions, thinking laterally and having genuine enthusiasm for the projects I work on. 

If you would like to work with me, you can contact me at